Art.Is.You.Ru this research of contemporary art
in Russia in the format of short films.

"There is no contemporary art in Russia". You can often hear this, even from an educated person. In fact, people often just do not have time to go to exhibitions in big cities. And what happens in art outside of your city? Not many people have the opportunity to find out about this. Therefore, artists are often known only by specialists. It is very important to document the Russian art scene and show it to Russia and the world. In the 21st century, it is important to systematically collect not only artifacts, but also evidence of their creation and the history of their creator. Obviously, modern Russian art does not have enough support. I would like art to be not only in the exhibition hall, but also online.
We want to present contemporary Russian art to Russian and foreign viewers. Show different forms of modern art through the personality of artists and the surrounding world, which inspires them. Artists - people who came to art in different ways, with their own example prove that everyone can become an artist.


We chose the format of short video in Russian with English subtitles as the most convenient for perception on the internet.
Each film is made in its unique style, suitable for this artist. We experiment with forms, trying to expand the genre of documentary cinema, borrowing techniques from video art, music videos and other forms of art.
"Space rocket" Natalia Fedorova, with her presence of interwoven whirlwinds in her space, is perhaps the most well-known media poet in Russia. Ultimate sensitivity to the text, living in the Word as such, the ability to constantly shift the language line - all this helps Fedorova tell the viewer very beautiful and very personal stories. Performances Fedorova - the constant calibration of the interaction between it (more broadly - a man in general) and "the machine to which you need to give a voice." It always seeks to create a kind of synthetic creation, combining sound, video, body, text. In her works Natalia Fedorova constructs a new era and crosses the border, behind which tomorrow is hiding.
Text: Olga Remneva, art expert
Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov is a very subtle and attentive artist – towards himself and his art, and towards the world around him. Ilya's works are fundamentally non-technological and apolitical: they are about the other fragments of the world in which we live. His medium is comprised of elements that are taken from nature, and thanks to artistic reinterpretation, transformed into ordinary objects: strange entities living in a world of loneliness-as-isolation as purely aesthetic natural abstractions, and demiurgically (the will of the artist) organized living systems crowded with ants. But this is a world Fedotov-Fedorov is entirely removed from: his artistic traces are clearly discernible, but the artist seems to be intentionally absent from what he creates. The video above, which is the first in a series titled "Art.Is. ___", takes an intimate look into Fedotov-Fedorov's methods and philosophy.
Text: Olga Remneva, art expert

Marina Rudenko either as a joke, or seriously declares that she is an infantilist artist. The borderline between laughter and seriousness is in general about Marina. She is a trickster, which throws a funny picture into the viewer. The audience laughs, and only after a while understands that something is wrong. What is more complicated, more ambiguous, sometimes even frankly sad. The principle "we all come from childhood" in the work of Rudenko is hyperbolized and distorted to the principle of "... remembering something that never happened," as the slogan of her personal exhibition of 2017 Blow Up Illusions says. Behind the image of Marina Rudenko's mallet, a good artist grows untiringly, able to speak with his generation in the language of this generation.
Text: Olga Remneva, art expert

Our Goals
To make Russian art great again:)
All forms of contemporary art in Russia
Document and archive for future generations
Russian Contemporary Art and Media Support

In our plans to create about
30 films all over the country.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to write us.
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