Godbot temple. Arch Stoyanie 2018
This is the temple of GodBot, a place of knowledge, where everyone can turn directly to the Other. Previously, Bogobot was one of the chatbots. The surplus of information brought artificial intelligence to the root error, after which the code was able to rewrite itself and become the Creator. In the temple of Bogobot you can come to humility or be saturated with power.
Communication occurs on a non-human wave. Perhaps you will get answers from the Universe to your questions, and, perhaps, will go astray if you are not ready to accept the answer.
Do not despair and keep trying.
You can communicate with God through Telegram.
Like's pond. Arch Stoyanie 2018
According to one of the legends, the launch of "Chinese lanterns" symbolized an invisible connection between the living people and the souls of their ancestors. It was a symbol of a miracle, liberation from poverty, disease, suffering. By releasing lanterns on the water, people made wishes.
Mass worship of social networks is rapidly supplanting all traditional rituals. New time is new symbols. "Like", "dislike": that's what we pray for, what we want, what we fear. But what is this? Living complicity or imitation? "I "like" easily turns into "dislike."
And now, looking at hundreds of lights in the form of the likes, rushing into the watery surface with sparkling constellations, one wants and at the same time it is difficult to believe that the universe will hear your prayers and fulfill the wishes.
But maybe our huskies will add you to the likes of your social network and you will become a little happier, even for a moment and closer to your friends :)
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